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1 phpBB 論壇架設寶典 2004 (竹貓星球作者群 上奇)



2 A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson 2003)

If you are, like me, a student from the non-science discipline and were scared away by biology, chemistry and physics during school years, then this book is for you as update reading on the history and frontier development of these disciplines and more.

Bryson used to write travellogues. He travelled to familiar places but his writing is not just about places, but people he met on the road and impressions, backed up by detailed research. In this book, he turned to this big subject of scientific developments over the centuries. This is a daunting task and I have been pleasantly surprised with this page-turner which I enjoy like reading a best seller fiction. This is no fiction though. It has truickloads of information and many un-prounceable terms. Never mind you will never remember the latin classifications.

All Bryson wants to impress upon us is that we, modern human beings, are just the product of a long series of unexplainable happenings in the past. I start reading the book with the question: who am I. I finish the book none the wiser but then I learn why I don't know whom I am.

If you are looking for just one popular science book to read, this is the one.

3. The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown)

4. The Shadow of the Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

A great romance written in the old fashion style. Not surpised if Hollywood takes it up.


5. State of Fear (Michael Crichton 2004)

What a coincidence that I should have read A Short History of Nearly Everything before reading this fiction. That gave me some background information on geology and the oceans.

Crichton, as usual, carefully chose a hot scientific topic as background for his action packed novel. This time, it was to be environmental protection, global warming to be exact, against a geological backdrop.

The plot was too action-packed to be real but that would be expected from an airport bestseller anyway.

I have no doubt about the accuracy of the data he quoted butcould help wondering he was one-sided. That prompted me to start reading The Skecptical Environmentalist next.

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6. An Artist of the floating world (Kazuo Ishiguro 1986)
Winner of the Whitbread Book of the Year.

" It is 1948. Japan is rebuilding her cities after the calamiities of World War II, her people putting defeat behind them and looking to the future. The celebrated painter, Majuji Ono, fills his day attending to this garden, his house repairs, his two grown daughters and his grandson; his evening drinkings with old associates in quite lantern-lit bars. His should be a tranquil retirement. But as his memories continually return to the past - to a life and career deeply touched by the rise of Japanese militarism - a dark shadow begins to grow his serenity." That is the synosis at the back cover.

Apart from politicians and soldiers, generations of Japanese were involved or implicated by the war. Ono the artisit also had his involvement; honorable at that time but subsequently returned to trouble his conscience.

Ishiguro built up a theme that such a burden of conscience was not important to others, in particular the younger generation, who were looking forward to rebuild a new Japan on the western model. Let's forget the past. That is what Ishiguro tried to say.

I am troubled by how the Japanse look at the country's WW2 record is strikingly different from Germans who open up the wound, examine the past such that past mistakes will not be repeated.


7. Between Silk and Cynaide (Leo Marks 1998) Harper Collins paperback

The sub-title 'A codemaker's War 1941-1945' spells out its content.

I was given this book by T.H. a frantic book worm and book lover. It did not catch my attention as an interesting read. It was my good luck that somehow I picked it up from the shelf.

This is the most touching 'war' book that I have read. While the technical data about coding (the silk part) are interesting, it is the writer's passionate account of the agents and their sufferings (the cynaide part) that is the moving force of the book. Marks wrote the book in a funny manner and yet despartely touching with his bleeding heart.

Readers may be amused that Marks is related to 84 Charing Cross Road, the second-hand book shop which made its fame from the story and movie bearing the name.

Score: 5 out of 5

8. 最後的貴族 (章詒和 2004) Oxford






9. The Economist's Tale: A Consultant Encounters Hunger and the World Bank (Peter Griffiths 2004) ZED Book

with the subtitle: A Consultant encounters Hunger and the World Bank

When I picked up this book at The Economist bookshop, I hestitated to spend 17 pounds for a 250-pages softback. What sort of economist's tale will justify this? I am glad I bought this book.

As a student of development, I am aware of the blunders made by policy makers and the supernational institutions, putting the life of so many in misery and danger. The road to hell is, indeed, paved with good intentions.

This book, by Peter Griffiths, is a diary of his 4-month consultancy assignment in Sierre Leone back in 1986, a time when the Washington consensus was supreme doctrine in the development field. Griffiths gave a detailed account of a famine in the making due to wrong policy, greed, corruption and incompetence. It is, indeed, a page turner. Highly recommended to all students of economics and development studies.


10. Monday Mourning (Kathy Reichs 2004)

The latest from the Dr Brenan series. Reichs is running out of ideas (how often can you construct a good story around bones?) and tries to turn the forenic anthropologist into an adventurous investigator. This makes the story far less convincing than her previous work.

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11. 秦腔 (賈平凹 2005) 作家出版社
有網上轉載 - http://book.sina.com.cn/nzt/lit/qinqiang/index.shtml
12. 天瓢 (曹文軒 2005)長江文藝出版社



好的小說,客觀標準很難定,但一定會給讀者有「欲罷不能,一追到底」的感覺。看到的書評,著重都是說《天瓢》的美。曹文軒確實寫得很美。全書十一章都是以 不同的「雨」為題。曹用了很美的筆法詞彙去寫,他做不到的是「情景交融」,這裡應該說是「雨景交融」。一篇又一篇的「雨」,跟小說的人物,情節沒有必要的 關連,只是硬生生的把人物套進去。

曹文軒筆下的農村,是文人筆下的農村,美,不真實。可能《天瓢》要寫的不是農村,只是說男女情事。即使如此,《天瓢》的情節也是不真實。什麼小說 也好,總走不出「情理之中,意料之外」。《天瓢》的情節和人物的性格,就不是這樣。堂堂一個有關系的鎮長,怎麼可能因為一把手(也是對頭人)的一句話,就 鬱鬱一生。這只是書中人物性格不合理的一個例子。


說《秦腔》,先抄新浪網的介紹:「《秦腔》是贾平凹的第12部长篇小说。内容涉及其家乡陕西省丹凤县棣花镇的故事。作品以细腻平实的语言,采用 “密实的流年式的书写方式”,集中表现了改革开放年代乡村的价值观念、人际关系在传统格局中的深刻变化,字里行间倾注了对故乡的一腔深情和对社会转型期农 村现状的思考。书中大部分人和事都有原型。贾平凹称“我要以它为故乡竖一块碑”。




圖檔 圖檔

13. 兄弟(上)(下) (余華 2005) 上海文藝出版社






附 余華作品的網上連結
http://www.bookhome.net/sort.asp?parent ... iandangdai

14. 火車 (宮部美幸 1992原著) (張秋明譯 2004年) (臉譜出版)



15. 黃色房間的祕密 (G. Leroux 1868-1927 邱玉珍譯 2004) 譯林出版社

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16. Popper (Bryan Magee 1973) Fontana Modern Masters


17. Big Bang (Simon Singh 2004) Harper Perenniel paperback

Popular science can be interesting. It is due to writers like Singh who has filtered and crystallised so much information into a readable account that enables non-science-minded readers like me to enjoy and understand.

'Big Bang' is about the origin of the universe. This one is more interesting that Singh's last work' "Format's Last Theorem', which is a bit dry on the mathematical side.


18. 小說甲午戰爭 (三卷) (陳舜臣日文原著,謝文文,蔡宗明譯1994) 遠流出版社





19. 天黑以後(村上春樹) 林少華譯 (上海譯文出版社)




20. 歌舞伎町案內人 (李小牧, 2005)
中國友誼出版公司 (28元)






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21 燕子 (朱少麟) 作家出版社,2005年 【推薦】






22 Pompeii (Robert Harris 2003) Random House

Compared with his previous page-turners like Fatherland and Enigma, this novel, still readable, is a bit off colour. With fate of Pompeii sealed, what Harris can only inject is a love story. The scenes of the volcanic eruption are well written but not touching.


23 Money makes the world go around (Barbara Garson 2002) Penguin
A non-economist's account of how her deposit in local bank moved through the international financial circuit. A vivid flow of globalisation at work.

24 立足上海新觀念 (陳彬 2003) 時報文化出版社

書名全寫為「立足上海新觀念:根本美黛子與中遊一族的崛起」。海峽兩岸沒有官方的三通,但民間的經濟來往早已經填平台灣海峽。到大陸的第一波台灣投資是大 戶。這一本書這的是第三、四浪的台灣投資:主要是人,不是大錢。「根本美黛子」是指那些陪伴小商人,受薪階級丈夫到大陸的妻子。她們不再是第一浪投資大戶 的「閒閒美黛子」,到大陸是花錢買享受。「根本美黛子」過的是中等家庭的生活。




25 Seven Up (Janet Evanovichi 2001) St. Martin's Press
A light-hearted and light-weight 'crime' fiction. Not my cup of tea.
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26 選美中國增刊 (中國國家地理2005年增刊)





27. The Wealth and Poverty of Nations (David Landes,1988 ) (Abacus paperback,650 pages, £14.99)
28. 菊与刀(美•鲁思•本尼迪克特原着,唐晓鹏、王南译,2005年2月)(华文出版社,配彩图版,184页,¥36)
29. 100个理由,给日本,也给中国(胡平,2005年)(长江文艺出版社,405页,¥28)

把這三本書放在一起,是無意和有心的組合。先是看The Wealth and Poverty of Nations,書中追述世界各國自十八世紀中期以來的經濟發展,以地理和史料來分析。說到中國,只是寥寥數頁;但日本佔了相當多的篇幅。這固然反映中國 自明、清以還,現代化的過程乏善足陳,但刺激了我要進一步了解日本。









  尤其是让我无法理解的是中国人为什么对自己的同胞那么无情,却对一个外国人却恭善有加。我刚开始来中国时,不过一个穷书生,但我却能受到超国民待遇, 几年的经历让我深刻感受到中国人的确一盘散沙,中国人团结一心是有的,但那时在非常时期,比方说民族就要被灭了,不过那也不是什么彻底的团结。


  中国人民可以养活我们的战争中的遗孤,却可以在文革中无情的迫害自己的同胞,(甚至是亲情之间),这些我都无法理解,如果不是中国人可能谁也 不理解,你们中国人士怎么理解的,如果说中国人善良,?????虚伪????什么??????我不知道怎么回事,如果单纯的没有中国人的自相残杀,也许可 以说这是善良,但有了文革,情况就不同了,老实说,我对你们的做法没有什么感谢的成分,只有不理解和疑问。

  还有我同样不理解你们对日本战后赔款的放弃(请原谅我再一次挑动你们痛处,在这里只是就事论事),在这个世界上,没有哪个民族再像中华民族这 么对外隐忍,对内残酷的了。这然我想起了以色列和德国的关系,说实话我很佩服以色列人,他们对德国人不依不饶的态度,这表明他们重视自己的价值和权利,他 们没有原谅德国人,但德国人却很敬重他们,相反,在东方,现实是日本人很瞧不起中国人,你们放弃赔款,你们原谅我们,我们依然恨你们,瞧不起你们,鄙视你 们,原因不在我们,在你们自身,你们自轻自贱,别人也没办法。


  你们号称文明古国,但是除了那些死的建筑,博物馆里的文物,现实在中国人的生活里,那还有传统文明的影子。不错,日本受过中国文化的长期影 响,但现在保存这些文化鲜活性,却在日本,韩国,新加坡,不再中国大陆。你们把诚信,节义,礼仪,四书五经看作四旧,扫到垃圾堆里,声称建立一个新社会, 却不想是现在这个样子。


  中国是个大国,但在政治上是个绝对的弱者!你们总嘲笑我们日本是政治矮子,但我们比比社会制度,看看哪个在世界上吃得开,社会主义国家没几个 了,又不团结,专制,世界不欢迎,但因为你中国太大了,所以能显得重要。但是,你们从来都是应对西方的政治攻势,没有过主动出击,因为你就是不行,人权叫 人家抓了多少年??谁把人权降格到生存权就是最大的人权??文革,大跃进,你们的政府多少错误,你们的歌唱家唱到:改革开放的领路人,带我们走向新时代。 再也没有中国人这么温顺了,多听话,在当今文明的世界里,这种情况是少有的。

  你们中国人在糟蹋自己,自己的智慧,资源,你们中国经济发展快,可代价呢??资源的枯竭,环境的恶化,你们一个好好的能源省山西,被你们糟蹋 成什么样了,经济落后,民生凋敝,贪官横行,你们不知道,在中华民国统治大陆的时候,山西还是模范省份,你们也不知道山西在中国历史的地位,那时清代的山 西,经济强,唐代,一半的宰相出自山西,地位远比你们所谓骄傲自豪的上海高,现在你们看看山西,就直达什么是历史与现实的差距了(人均gdp中国倒数第 一),你们就这么糟蹋资源!


  你们好大喜功,几百亿的工程说干就干,我们这些被你们看作小气的日本人乍舌,中国好富,可你们的失业人员却在增多,多一个失业的人,社会就多 一个不稳定因素,你们没有解决,农民低收入,你们不重视,贫富差距拉大,你们视而不见,你们喜欢的只有外国人的赞扬,这一点很多人看得清楚,你们虚荣,奢 侈,你们的社会乱七八糟,去年的中国大陆富豪,今年落马的不少,最近的就是那个叫周正毅的上海人,你们有问题的社会造就有问题的富翁,你们还恬不知耻的说 日本完了,中国要超美国了,哈哈,短视!

  你们不过开放20几年,就这么吹,日本经济是在停滞,但你们拼死干了十年还不到日本经济总量的四分之一,至于超美国,更是神话。还有,世界环 境对你们很不利,而日本,凭着制度的优越,国民的务实,以及西方的真诚支持,是完全有理由复苏的,中国却因为意识形态,制度,与美国或大多主流国家格格不 入。中国稳定没什么,一旦陷入社会动荡,经济崩溃,周边国家没有谁会鼎力支持的,因为你们的国家始终给人以另类的感觉,所以日本败,尚有机会赶上去,中国 败,则完全四分五裂,周边国家喜欢中国这样,俄罗斯不喜欢你们好,印度恨你们,我们恨你们,东南亚恨你们,所以你们的环境很差很差,可你们没有危机感,感 觉良好,这就是愚昧!

  东方人中,我们尊敬韩国人,因为他们和我们很类似,就是有血有肉,敢做敢为,我们在历史问题上和你们有摩擦时,韩国人可以从总统到国民的抗 议,中国只有外交部几个无足轻重的发言人在那里一一呀呀,哈哈,这就是差别,韩国人恨我们,但我们敬重这个对手,你恨不恨我们,我们感觉无所谓,因为你们 性格,品行告诉世界,中国人没有刚性。


  我们参拜神社,改历史教课书,说明我们没有忘记那段历史,你们呢?二战中的受害者?你们为了党派之争,不顾民族的大义,说什么在中国共产党领 导下八年抗战,历史书写那段历史写得比我们还要模糊,是你们在篡改历史,哈哈!(这再次说明内斗胜于外斗)拍南京屠城的电影,你们中有人竟然还说为什么不 多来些强奸的镜头,你们中国人就这种样子,叫别人怎么那你们当回事情,你们可以无能,但你们连人格都不要了,美国人打得我们要死,我们不恨他们,我们佩服 他们,韩国人被我们统治过,现在创造了经济奇迹,他们敢斗敢为,我们敬佩他们。

  你们中国人没有什么值得我们看得起你们的地方,好好反省一下,你们地大物博,历史悠久,却败在我们手下,不觉得羞愧么??一盘散沙的社会生长 着一盘散沙的人,你们的时代里还出过什么志士么??民国还有过鲁迅,蔡锷,朱自清这些我们佩服的人,现在你们除了贪官,虚华学者,思想懦弱的知识分子,还 有什么?你们不是说要培养本土的诺贝尔奖得主么?为什么现在还没有?你们的龙芯主频只有266 赫兹,却要吹要商业化,哈哈!




30. 理由 (宮部美幸 1998) (喬君譯,2005,中國友誼出版公司,362頁,¥24.5)

宮部美幸以報告文學手法,追尋一宗四命血案的社會背景和有關人物的動機和心態。血案和查案,著墨不多。我 想當然的,許多案件的查案過程不是那麼的曲折離奇,犯案的也不是什麼高手。反而涉案的,一人有一個故事。宮部美幸就是用訪問的筆法,寫下涉案人士和他們的 家人的背景,動機和心態。

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31 好色一代男(井原西鶴,大概是三百多年前的日本江戶時代)(王啟元,李正倫1994年譯,2003年修正,中國電影出版社,¥35元)

32 地底三萬尺(朱少麟,2005)(作家出版社,265頁,¥25)(推薦)



「一定要分類的話,我會說大部份的人都是一般垃圾,只是你自己不會承認而已:你只會覺得自己很有價值,你很努力,你媽的誰不努力?你努力在掩蓋,讓自己看 起來還不算失敗,事實上你可有可無,這就是一般垃圾的特色,你吃不了半點苦,你定期發憤圖強卻連自己肚皮的脂肪也對付不了,我不是說你你不用緊張,我在說 的是垃圾,垃圾我看太多了,我快被你們這些垃圾壓垮了,你欺善怕惡別怪我說出來,你欲蓋彌彰,你其實很心虛,你怕痛怕死也怕老,你只要別人愛你,我可以再 說下去嗎?好。你自以為是,沒有人知道你說謊成性到大師的境界,你一得意就忘形,你滿腦子性幻想,但是你什麼都撇得很清,你貪小便宜又浪費,你尤其愛護虛 名,你開著電視睡覺,你的寵物卻死於孤單,你的每個朋友都對不起過你,你翻臉比翻書還快,你還擅長搬弄是非,你骨子裡誰也瞧不起,我可以一口氣說完嗎? 好。你下流。你自私。你無知。你死要面子。你比小貝還依賴,你犯賤。你是摸魚高手。你愛吹牛。你自命清高。你每次出賣別人都是迫不得已,必要時連你老媽都 能脫手。你有一肚子狗屁苦衷。你雙重性格。你貪婪。你很會攪神秘。你連酒後吐真言都在騙人。你意志薄弱。你跟很多人拒絕往來。你懶惰。你專耍可愛。你心胸 狹窄。你一天到晚在後悔。你信箱郵件滿滿放著不管。你還是個偷窺狂。你疑神疑鬼。你常說錯話。你自卑得不得了。你為小事抓狂。你沒擔當。你作弊。你平庸。 你裝模作樣。你虛偽到爐火純青。你見不得人好。你發過的誓言全都食言。你偷偷跟蹤心上人。你糊塗。你卻又記恨。你幸災樂禍。你崇拜偶像。你怨天尤人。你不 負責任。你很怕跟不上流行。你賴床。你拜金。你膽小如鼠。你對你的爸媽非常抱歉。你抓不到別人說話的笑點。你愛聽謠言。你放鴿子讓人傻等。你投機。你自 大。你懷材不遇。你學會很多俏皮話。你這個負心的人。你故作愁姿態。你失心瘋。你一副屌樣。你狠。你其實害羞到不行。你變態。你買彩券只中過小獎。你善 嫉。你多一事不如少一事。你口是心非。你逃避。你裝孝維。你衰神附體。你卑鄙。你對自己真的很失望。你只懂歌詞不懂詩。你寫過匿名黑函。你沒良心。你自以 為很浪漫。你真的夠愛你自己這個王八蛋。」(55頁)

「一定要分类的话,我会说大部份的人都是一般垃圾,只是你自己不会承认而已:你只会觉得自己很有价 值,你很努力,你妈的谁不努力?你努力在掩盖,让自己看起来还不算失败,事实上你可有可无,这就是一般垃圾的特色,你吃不了半点苦,你定期发愤图强却连自 己肚皮的脂肪也对付不了,我不是说你你不用紧张,我在说的是垃圾,垃圾我看太多了,我快被你们这些垃圾压垮了,你欺善怕恶别怪我说出来,你欲盖弥彰,你其 实很心虚,你怕痛怕死也怕老,你只要别人爱你,我可以再说下去吗?好。你自以为是,没有人知道你说谎成性到大师的境界,你一得意就忘形,你满脑子性幻想, 但是你什么都撇得很清,你贪小便宜又浪费,你尤其爱护虚名,你开着电视睡觉,你的宠物却死于孤单,你的每个朋友都对不起过你,你翻脸比翻书还快,你还擅长 搬弄是非,你骨子里谁也瞧不起,我可以一口气说完吗?好。你下流。你自私。你无知。你死要面子。你比小贝还依赖,你犯贱。你是摸鱼高手。你爱吹牛。你自命 清高。你每次出卖别人都是迫不得已,必要时连你老妈都能脱手。你有一肚子狗屁苦衷。你双重性格。你贪婪。你很会搅神秘。你连酒后吐真言都在骗人。你意志薄 弱。你跟很多人拒绝往来。你懒惰。你专耍可爱。你心胸狭窄。你一天到晚在后悔。你信箱邮件满满放着不管。你还是个偷窥狂。你疑神疑鬼。你常说错话。你自卑 得不得了。你为小事抓狂。你没担当。你作弊。你平庸。你装模作样。你虚伪到炉火纯青。你见不得人好。你发过的誓言全都食言。你偷偷跟踪心上人。你糊涂。你 却又记恨。你幸灾乐祸。你崇拜偶像。你怨天尤人。你不负责任。你很怕跟不上流行。你赖床。你拜金。你胆小如鼠。你对你的爸妈非常抱歉。你抓不到别人说话的 笑点。你爱听谣言。你放鸽子让人傻等。你投机。你自大。你怀材不遇。你学会很多俏皮话。你这个负心的人。你故作愁姿态。你失心疯。你一副屌样。你狠。你其 实害羞到不行。你变态。你买彩券只中过小奖。你善嫉。你多一事不如少一事。你口是心非。你逃避。你装孝维。你衰神附体。你卑鄙。你对自己真的很失望。你只 懂歌词不懂诗。你写过匿名黑函。你没良心。你自以为很浪漫。你真的够爱你自己这个王八蛋。」(55页)



33 Behind the Scenes at the Museum (Kate Atkinson, 1995) Black Swam
The first half impresses me that this is a 'good' novel, a debut from a new writer. When I finish this enchanting book, I must say it is 'very good' indeed. It is enchanting because of its smooth movement and witty jokes which punctuate the 'dull' life of a three-generation family. The twist of plot at the closing chapters is a pleasant surprise. The reading parents will be relieved to learn that adolescent teenagers will eventually mature, afterall.


34蘇格拉底夫人:罪的還魂術 Madame Socrate
(法國Gerald Messadié原著,2000,朱希睿譯,2005)作家出版社,北京,¥20


Google一番,Messadié乃多產作家,書目多以古人為名,大概是歷史今寫之類。唯Madame Socrate一書,未見有〈罪的還魂術〉小題,莫非是譯者自加小題?翻譯首要求真,妄加小題扭曲原著主題,令讀者有被騙感覺。



35 達爾文的陰謀 The Darwin Conspiracy
(美國John Darnton原著,2005,向洪全,劉建立譯,2005)新星出版社,¥22

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36 紅妃自傳(張寧)



37 野兽之美生命本质的重新审视(李斯、胡冬霞译,1997,北京时事出版社,¥18.8,300页)
The Beauty of the Beastly by Natalie Angier(1995)


38 日本暢銷小說選祝子平譯,上海文藝出版社,¥22


39 Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)
An interesting piece of first novel from a first timer. The plot is simple and can be guessed. It is the heart and feeling which went into the story which captures the attention of the reader.



40 白色巨塔 (日)山崎丰子 1965,69年; 王蕴洁、黄心宁译,2006年(东方出版社)


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41. 追逐日光:一位跨國總裁的最後禮物(張琇雲 譯)商周出版,2006
Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life by Eugene O’Kelly, 2006



42 Out of Poverty and into something more comfortable John Stackhouse (Vintage Canada 2001)

Stackhouse was a development correspondent for a Canadian newspaper and this is his write-up of the development arena he covered in 1991-99, including mostly India, Bangadesh and Indonesia, plus a side trip to Africa. Most essays and books about development are on broad policy issues and the big picture. Development should also be about individuals whose well-being is what development effort is all about. This vivid account by Stackhouse is about people whose fate and future are shaped by development programmes and yet their fortune are quite different from the conclusion of agent reports. It is about their struggling and effort, often failed, to climb out poverty into something more comfortable. They failed because of personal reasons or ,more often, due to poor and faulty programme design and rampant corruption. His time-series of an Indian village is the highlight of his account. Quite illuminating reading.


43.The Nemesis File (Paul Bruce, 1995) Blake Publishing
A bloody biography of an ex-SAS officer giving a detailed account of his training and the bloody days of underground operation in Northern Ireland: assinsations and executions. It is said that the British government neither confirms nor denies the contents of the book. The book ends on a sad note that the writer has never recovered from the trauma of those bloody operations and remained haunted by the deaths on his hand, runing his marriage, family life and himself. Where is he now?

44. 白色巨塔(候文詠,2005年)上海譯文出版社
這本書與(40)(日)山崎丰子 1965,69年作品同名,也是這個原因引起我的好奇心買來一看。 候文詠原職醫生,1997年轉為全職作家。兩本同名小說比對之下,山崎丰子反而在醫學描述更勝一籌,而且書中貫徹人文精神,關注社會問題。候文詠著墨的是情情愛愛,人事鬥爭。要選的話,選山崎丰子 ,高出一個檔次。

45. 大崩壞: 人類社會的明天 (譯者/ 廖月娟 )( 時報文化出版企業股份有限公司,2006)
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond
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46. Out (by Natsuo Kirino, 1997, translated by Stephen Snyder 2004) Vintage
Crime fiction by a Japanese writer. Four desparate hoewives got involved with a loan shark, killed him and tried to cover up.

47. 罗生门(芥川龙之介小说集,文洁若译)华夏出版社,2003
罗生门 简体阅读



這 是為什麼呢,因為這數年來,接連遭了地震、颱風、大火、饑懂等幾次災難,京城已格外荒涼了。照那時留下來的記載,還有把佛像、供具打碎,將帶有朱漆和飛金 的木頭堆在路邊當柴賣的。京城裏的情況如此,像修理羅生門那樣的事,當然也無人來管了。在這種荒涼景象中,便有狐狸和強盜來乘機作窩。甚至最後變成了一種 習慣,把無主的屍體,扔到門裏來了。所以一到夕陽西下,氣象陰森,誰也不上這裏來了。

倒 是不知從哪里,飛來了許多烏鴉。白晝,這些烏鴉成群地在高高的門樓頂空飛翔啼叫,特別到夕陽通紅時,黑虛虛的好似在天空撒了黑芝麻,看得分外清楚。當然, 它們是到門樓上來啄死人肉的——今天因為時間已晚,一隻也見不到,但在倒塌了磚石縫裏長著長草的臺階上,還可以看到點點白色的鳥糞。這家將穿著洗舊了的寶 藍襖,一屁股坐在共有七級的最高一層的臺階上,手護著右頰上一個大腫瘡,茫然地等雨停下來。

說 是這家將在避雨,可是雨停之後,他也想不出要上哪里去。照說應當回主人家去,可是主人在四五天前已把他辭退了。上邊提到,當時京城市面正是一片蕭條,現在 這家將被多年老主人辭退出來,也不外是這蕭條的一個小小的餘波。所以家將的避雨,說正確一點,便是“被雨淋濕的家將,正在無路可走”。而且今天的天氣也影 響了這位平安朝家將的憂鬱的心情。從申末下起的雨,到西時還沒停下來。家將一邊不斷地在想明天的日子怎樣過——也就是從無辦法中求辦法,一邊耳朵裏似聽非 聽的聽著朱雀大路上的雨聲。


要 從無辦法中找辦法,便只好不擇手段。要擇手段便只有餓死在街頭的垃圾堆裏,然後像狗一樣,被人拖到這門上扔掉。倘若不擇手段哩——家將反復想了多次,最後 便跑到這兒來了。可是這“倘若”,想來想去結果還是一個“倘若”。原來家將既決定不擇手段,又加上了一個“倘若”,對於以後要去幹的“走當強盜的路”,當 然是提不起積極肯定的勇氣了。


家 將縮著脖子,聳起裏面襯黃小衫的寶藍襖子的肩頭,向門內四處張望,如有一個地方,既可以避風雨,又可以不給人看到能安安靜靜睡覺,就想在這兒過夜了。這時 候,他發現了通門樓的寬大的、也漆朱漆的樓梯。樓上即使有人,也不過是些死人。他便留意著腰間的刀,別讓脫出鞘來,舉起穿草鞋的腳,跨上樓梯最下麵的一 級。

過 了一會,在羅生門門樓寬廣的樓梯中段,便有一個人,像貓兒似的縮著身體,憋著呼吸在窺探上面的光景。樓上漏下火光,隱約照見這人的右臉,短鬍子中長著一個 紅腫化膿的面疤。當初,他估量這上頭只有死人,可是上了幾級樓梯,看見還有人點著火。這火光又這兒那兒地在移動,模糊的黃色的火光,在屋頂掛滿蛛網的天花 板下搖晃。他心裏明白,在這兒點著火的,決不是一個尋常的人。


果 然,正如傳聞所說,樓裏胡亂扔著幾具屍體。火光照到的地方挺小,看不出到底有多少具。能見到的,有光腚的,也有穿著衣服的,當然,有男也有女。這些屍體全 不像曾經活過的人,而像泥塑的,張著嘴,攤開胳臂,橫七豎八躺在樓板上。只有肩膀胸口略高的部分,照在朦朧的火光裏;低的部分,黑漆漆地看不分明,只是啞 巴似的沈默著。




看 著頭髮一根根拔下來,家將的恐怖也一點點消失了,同時對這老婆子的怒氣,卻一點點升上來了——不,對這老婆子,也許有語病,應該說是對一切罪惡引起的反 感,愈來愈強烈了。此時如有人向這家將重提剛才他在門下想的是餓死還是當強盜的那個問題,大概他將毫不猶豫地選擇餓死。他的惡惡之心,正如老婆子插在樓板 上的松明,烘烘地冒出火來。












“拔 死人頭髮,是不對,不過這兒這些死人,活著時也都是幹這類營生的。這位我拔了她頭髮的女人,活著時就是把蛇肉切成一段段,曬乾了當幹魚到兵營去賣的。要不 是害瘟病死了,這會還在賣呢。她賣的幹魚味道很鮮,兵營的人買去做菜還缺少不得呢。她幹那營生也不壞,要不幹就得餓死,反正是沒有法幹嘛。你當我幹這壞 事,我不幹就得餓死,也是沒有法子呀!我跟她一樣都沒法子,大概她也會原諒我的。”









48. 顛覆年齡(邱天助)(張老師文化)

49. 寂静的春天(Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, 1962)吕瑞兰 李长生 译(吉林人民出版社, 2005年第四次版)



(BW 22/12/07)補充:寫以上的書評時,還沒有閱讀/翻譯很多環保的資料。最近翻譯教材,對這本經典有了新的認識。請參見《寂靜的春天》和反對禁用DDT的聲音

50. The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl, 2003 (Ballantine Books, 2006)HK$69
It is a pleasant surprise to end my readings for 2006 with this enchanting novel. It dawns on me that my unitentional selections this year include several fictions which drew on historical events, e.g Pompeii, or characters. Is this a new trend or does it come to my late notice?

I have never read Dante's Inferno and only have a slight idea that it is about sufferings. This novel brings together a historical event, that of Longfellow's translation activites, and imaginery serial killings. I shall keep it in suspense how the writer cleverly weaved the two together convincingly.

If this is to be turned into movie, I hope Hollywood will pass this to a British director who is more able to capture the 18th century mood.
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51. Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes (Broadway Books, New York, HKD65)
In the vein of 'A Year in Provence' by Peter Mayle. A detailed chronicle of a house renovation project in a foreign place. It follows a set plot: travel to a foreign country, spot a ruin, fall in love with it, legal hazzle to buy it and get planning permission to renovate, the builders (some bad, some good), local cuisine, a few local figures at the marketplace etc. You read one, that's enough. Recommend this one or 'A Year in Provence'. But not both,

52. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Harper Collins box set)
Coelho is a Brazilian writer and this English text is done by Alan R. Clarke. A good and simple story. 'Good' writing skills. 'Simple' storyline. I am tempted to add 'deep' thoughts but...

The story is about a shepard boy in pursuit of his destiny and he was helped by many omens along the way. You can guess the flow of the plot but still the ending episode is a pleasant surprise. If I am to summarise the 'teachings' of the story, it will give away the plot.

In telling a simple story, Coelho weaved in folklores and spiritual endeavours. Not minced with long and complicated vocab, Coelho wrote in a simple, pleasing style. The translation is excellent.

It is a good read but its international fame is puzzling. To me, it lacks depth.

Highly recommended to young readers with a basic command of English, say, Grade 4 graduate from PRC universities.

53. 测量世界(Die Vermessung by Daniel Kehimann, 2005)(朱刘华译,上海三联书店,¥24)

54. 第五福音(Das Funfte Evangelium by Philipp Vandenberg, 1993)(卫茂平译,辽宁教育出版社,2005年,¥20)


55. 老师的提包(川上宏美, 2001)(施小炜 张乐风译,南海出版公司,2006年,¥20)
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56 來自热带丛林的女孩(Dschungelkind by Sabine Kuegler, 2005) 刘齐生译,南宁出版社, 2005,¥25

57. 黑色大丽花 The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy, 1987 杨武道、杨武元译,哈尔宾出版社,¥29.8

58. 凡高自画像之谜 False Impression by Jeffrey Archer,吕�卿、罗莉莉译,上海文化出版社,¥25

59. CELL by Stephen King, 2005
Cell=cell phone. What if the world of cell phones is like the world of computer in the age of internet, open to attack by malicious programmes? What if on a certain day a message is broadcast to all cell phones instructing the users to self-erase the contents of their brain hard-drive but leaving intact the most primary low-level directive? What if the directive is 'kill to survive'? What if the world is divided into 'phoners', who has lost thier human touch but retain the animal instinct, and 'normals' whos are struggling to survive? Will the final solution come with another phone pulse?

King's novels are always soaked with blood. This one surpassed all others and has more deaths than all wars combined. If this turns into a Hollywood B-movie, the costume and special effects teams willhave a field day.

By the way, King does not have a cell phone.

60. 冰冷密室與博士們(日)森博嗣著,韓銳譯(北京文藝出版社,¥19)
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61. 全部成为F(日)森博嗣著,韓銳譯(北京文藝出版社,¥21)

62. 步步杀机La Tabla de Flandes(西班牙)Arturo Perez Reverte著2003,吴佳绮譯2005(重庆出版社,¥22.5)
一幅名画要拍卖的前夕,原来画中有画,画家写下了几百年前谋杀案破解的密码。到了今天,这张画又引起了一连串的谋杀案。作者用画中的棋局来破解今天的案件,精彩无比。与(58 ) 凡高自画像之谜比较,Archer只顾情节(不合理的地方太多了),人物性格模糊,这一本优秀得多。尤其值得一赞是译笔流畅,想原文必更精彩,可惜不懂西班牙文。

63. 《华尔街日报》是如何讲故事的 The Art and Craft of Feature Writing(美)Kisa Brand Morris着1986,吴佳绮譯2006(华夏出版社,¥22.5)
如题。不明白为什麽译者要把一个好好的原书名改成这样。Feature writing不是说故事,是记实新闻报导。高度推荐给新闻写作者。

64. 楼梯 Funerarium(法)Brigette Aubert着2003,赵家鹤譯2004(昆仑出版社,¥28)

65. 时间的血Le Sang du Temps(法)Maxime Chatam着2005,朱晓蕾譯2006(作家出版社,¥22)
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看帖 不回非君子也 ,顶下 也说声“谢谢”

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66.太古和其他的时间(波兰Olga Tokarczuk着1996,易丽君,袁汉熔译(湖南文艺出版社,2006年,¥19.8)


查资料,原书名为Prawiek i inne czasy (Immemorial and other times)Immemorial 译为太古,一绝。

67.不生病的活法(日本 新谷宏实着2005,李强,朱庆福译(东方出版社,2007年,¥23)

68.但丁的陷阱(La Piege de Dante法国 Arnaud Delalande着2005,高镇宇,王晓乐福译(中信出版社,2007年,¥26.8)


70.Krakatoa: The Day The World Exploded, 27 Aug. 1883 by Simon Winchester, 2003 Penguin Books, 2004, GBP7.99

The volcanic explosion on 27 Aug. 1833 is the loudest event ever recorded in modern history. Winchester's painstaking and exhaustive research underlines the page-turning appeal of this 400-page book on a single event. A very readable piece of scientific research and brilliant writing. Recommended.

What will happen when the long overdue Yellow Stone explosion suddenly appear on our TV screen anytime now?
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